Professional teeth whitening

The teeth whitening service we offer is professional,and is the most advanced teeth whitening treatments  available. It has become very popular,amongst our customers.


Brand new pearly whites thanks to the best about!! And this is without any editing, just straight off my camera! If anyone is looking to have their teeth whitened I’d recommend Denzil at TanTastic Wales EVERY TIME!! & the best bit… Pain free!! Unlike most!

Danielle pothecary

hannahs teethThanks dave loving my Purley whites — with TanTastic Wales.

Hannah williams

teeth before and afterThanks TanTastic Wales are teeth look amazing would recommend to anybody!

Mitchy stuart and Sophie Fox

jodie stockerTeeth whitened  — with TanTastic Wales.

Jodie Stocker

I definitely recommend Tantastic for teeth whitening.thomas jones teeth

Thomas jones

rebecca bradfords teethBefore and After. CHUFFED  — with TanTastic Wales

Rebbeca Bradford

liam harris teethTreated myself to a early christmas present to a brand new pearly white teeth, thanks to TanTastic Wales

Liam Harris

TanTastic Wales for your teeth whitening can’t believe the difference it makes highly recommend

Craig Barret

Thank you cant believe the difference. Highly recommended — with TanTastic Wales.

Danielle John

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